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Okay, is it just me, or did Chloe just...

spoilers here! )
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create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

Of course, I should point out that the one anomaly to the pattern (Illinois), I never actually touched the soil of -- I was inside the airport the entire time I was there. All the others, however, I have at least set foot on the ground outside. At least for a few minutes. Texas I walked on the tarmac at the airport, and spent a long, unhappy night IN the airport...
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My computer may still be unwell -- I dunno yet. It's a woobie (y'know... it started acting oddly shortly after SV ran 'Shattered'... Hmmn...).

I need some consolation porn! :-)

Anyone out there willing to write some kinky Ramon/Jack [from 24] or Gondor brothers fic?
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vent mode:

Okay, people, READ the news. If you don't read it, then LISTEN to it!

Don't send me messages saying my computer has a virus and I sent it to you -- it spoofs e-mail addresses. That means it may come from an address that you think is mine, but I may not even have the virus on my computer! Yeesh -- I don't need lots of 'you sent me a virus' e-mails clogging up my mail, 'kay?

/vent mode
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Well, after a looooooong call with Gateway tech-support, where we checked every process running on the computer and couldn't come up with a single one that should be making it act strangely, I ended up having to reformat the hard drive & reinstall the os.

That took a number of hours & three calls in total, as I got through each stage. We found out on the first part that even putting the reinstall disk in the DVD-RW drive made it freeze, so we really, really thought that was what was causing the problem. Figured that swapping it out & using the CD-RW drive would help, and that at least let me run the reinstall CD's.

Last night I started reloading other programs, and worked a little bit on a photoshop piece I'd had in progress (need to put the updated version on a disk...), and it did the same thing again. They had wanted me to test the DVD-RW drive to see if it was indeed a hardware problem there, but it definitely seems like it's something more integral to the computer itself.

Waaaaaaaaaah! I have to call them back today and let them know it's still acting strangely. I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to drop it off at the local Gateway store and have them poke at it. I'm not happy -- don't wanna be without my nice laptop for however long it's going to take to find out what's wrong and fix it. ::whimper::
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My Gateway laptop is acting strangely -- trying to get things backed up on CD so that when I contact the service people and they suggest "Try this!" and it wipes out everything, I at least have it somewhere.

So, of course, the CD drive at work is being wonky, too. What I've been trying to do, since I can't trust the one on the laptop, is save the CD as a 'direct CD' writable one, then bring it to work to finalize it. Of course, that's still only working with about half of them. ::sigh:: At least most of the art is safe -- I think.

Yikes. I wonder how long I'll be on the phone with the service guys. Hopefully it's a software thing I can fix with them walking me through it. All of the diagnostics I've run (Norton Utilities, PC Doctor, etc.) say there are no hardware problems...

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...about Smallville's Clark Kent as he's being raised on the show...

Okay -- I've had serious issues with Jonathan Kent for a while now. Okay, since the first episode...

I have problems with his transferrence of anger from the targets who truly deserve it (Lionel and himself) onto Lex. I have SERIOUS problems with his hypocrisy and situational ethics (Lying is bad, Son -- unless it's to protect your secret. Stealing is bad -- but break into that facility and steal your DNA sample back. And while you're at it, bring your best friend to make him an accomplice). And I'm furious at him over his callous indifference to the horrors Lex suffered in Shattered/Asylum (well, at least he doesn't remember your secret).

Many, many SV viewers have been wondering how on earth the Clark Kent of this show can grow up to become the Superman we all know, with this man as his father-figure.

[ profile] leviathanmuse and I were discussing this last night, and we've realized that unless Jonathan gains some abrupt enlightenment, this Clark can't. What we're witnessing could very well be the adolescence of the man who's going to grow up to be the Superman of the Justice Lords, from the 'A Better World' episode of Justice League...
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Hey -- I haven't seen anyone mention the newspaper headline that we got a quickie glimpse of in Asylum. All I could catch was "Themyscirian Queen--" blah blah and no, I'm not sure on the spelling, either. Did anyone out there get a good screencap of this? I'd love to know what the Daily Planet was saying about Hippolyta...
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The Sparkys!!!

Half of Believing is nominated in the "Best Romance: John/Slash" category, my site is nominated in the "Best Fanfic Site" category.

Go HERE to vote!! The deadline is 1/30 for the first round of voting.
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Hmmn... taken as me:

Your wings are DRAGON wings. Massive and
covered in scales, they shimmer with strength
and magic. They are the most obvious display of
your power - though it runs equally throughout
your heart and mind. You are uncompromising and
grave, with a profound sense of justice. You
have firm ideas about what is right and what is
wrong and set out to fix what problems you can.
You realize that you are more capable of
dealing with life and evil than most, and as
such you see it as your responsibility to
protect those who cannot defend themselves. You
have existed since antiquity and as such you
are wise far beyond your years in this
lifetime. While you strive for fairness and
peace, if someone should steal from your cave
of treasure (though not all that glitters is
gold) or compromise the happiness of you or one
who is close to you - they have signed their
death warrant. You have a mighty vengeance and
will unleash it upon such people immediately
and mercilessly. Arguing with you is rarely back down and are known
for holding firm in your beliefs. Sometimes you
feel intensely burdened with the troubles of
others...acting as a Guardian can get so
wearisome. But you never give see it
as your life's mission. Often very introverted,
you can be so's scary. Such a
combination of intelligence, creativity, power,
beauty, and magic is often intimidating to
those around you - who are also unlikely to
understand you. Arrogant, proud, overserious,
and sometimes a bit greedy or obsessed with
whatever treasure you choose to
have enchanted people for centuries, and will
continue to do so.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla

And taken as 'my' Lex:

I'll bet you expected this answer. You already knew
you were a DARK ANGELIC, didn't you? You
are similar to a demon but slightly different
in that you don't revel in revel in
pleasure. Your wings resemble an angel's but if
that's so then you are a Fallen Angel - your
love of sin caused you to be cast from the
Heavens. They are black as raven wings and are
nearly as dark as your desires. You are
faithless and love it - you believe there is no
Judgement Day to fear and so you can do what
you want! You have a refined concept of what is
sexy and a slightly chaotic sense of 'fun.' In
fact, you love chaos and view much of what you
do as a game. You are typically attracted to
those that will challenge your mind, power, and
wit...and are 'dangerous' people like you. It's
not unlikely that you are bisexual or at least
open to the concept, because you seek
excitement and passion everywhere and in
everyone. Chances are you have a special talent
for magick - you're a powerful being and you
know what you want. Like a Serpent of Eden you
like to try your powers of seduction and
manipulation, though your intent is rarely to
cause harm. You have a deep, dark sense of art
and/or poetry, because your mind is a deep,
dark place. While typically smirking, amused,
and sarcastic, you are capable of severe
revenge and a passion and intensity unrivaled
by any other. In your eyes life is for
enjoyment and pleasure - nothing else. If
you're not having fun in your own twisted way,
you're not happy. You are easily bored with the
vast majority of people. You are most likely
drawn towards the Gothic subculture and
probably adore Goth music, art, and style. Many
people look down on your seemingly careless
lifestyle and may even consider you 'slutty'.
Not true. You just know you're sexy and you're
damn proud of it. Dark Angels have an outlook
most like Satanists - loving sin and looking to
none but themselves for power. Congratulations!
You're my kindred spirit. As far as I'm
concerned - you know what life is REALLY about.
Have fun...Muahaha.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla
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On the LexSlash mailing list some folks posted pretty good arguments in an attempt to say that Lionel isn't evil, but I don't think I can agree anymore. I never said he was COMPLETELY evil, but I definitely think he has now crossed the line from obsessed/bad-at-showing-his-love, to evil.

Shattered & Asylum Spoilers )

I'm still not sure about Jonathan Kent -- I really need to rewatch that episode and take notes about him. I want to HURT that man. I have absolutely NO idea how Clark Kent can grow up to be Superman with that man as his role model!!!
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...I never see these various challenges, but all of a sudden stories start appearing on SSA as "part of the ___ challenge"; things like Photoshop brushes were a complete surprise to me until early last year, and no one nominated me or even told me about [ profile] theblacklist!

I'm really upset -- someone out there should have warned the world about me already!

Anyway, vote for me over at [ profile] theblacklist before I corrupt the innocent!! [Do I even know any innocent?]


Jan. 15th, 2004 03:38 pm
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Okay -- I'm going to do a longer comment later, and post it to a couple of mailing lists because I do NOT want to see all of the discussion vanish from those lists and end up in LJ-land where I just don't have the time to follow it...

For now, though...


And I don't hate Clark (more on that later), but Pete is now in my gunsight, and Jonathan is already chopped to little pieces and buried somewhere out in the back 40 of the Kent Farm. Martha, I'm not too happy with, either.

And the writers -- I know this has been brought up by a number of people because I saw at least 3 mentions of it on just my first page of friends, but hello! We didn't need to waste time on that B plot! Nobody CARES!

Guys, please! Lana is NOT a likeable character -- even teenage girls don't like her! Stop forcing us to watch boring, time-wasting scenes of the supposed lead female character when it takes away from the real story!!!


Anyway, more about it later, when I can put it all down coherently.

BTW, loved the ad in the Ledger classifieds for 'ice sculptures' by 'Bobby'. Bwahahahaaa!
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Someone had a bunch of silly pix of the LotR castmembers at premiers & stuff in their LJ, and now I can't remember whose LJ it was. Help?
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Mmmm. You're Sexual Predator! Lex. You know what
you want and you know how to get it. You're a
sex magnet, and nothing and no one can resist

Which Smallville Slash Character Cliche Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Jan. 12th, 2004 09:06 am
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My journal says I'm 53% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by [ profile] hutta

If I remember right, the gender-genie said the same thing about my fic... or at least about my sex scenes. I write like a guy :-)
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I just wanted to drop in before I crash (shaddup -- it's the weekend. I'm naturally nocturnal -- what can I say?) and say that it's fecking COLD outside. Now that the sun is rising, it finally went UP to 2 degrees Farenheit. It never actually made it down to zero, but it sat at 1 degree for hours...

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When you read this, do NOT, under any circumstances, eat or drink. This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time...

Mad Killer Squirrels?
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Okay -- we were always reassured by the scientists that it would be long, long after we were all gone befor our own sun went nova and destroyed the solar system. This article, however, seems to indicate we might have to worry about whether any stars in the "neighborhood" go nova, too? Hmmn...

I find it... unsettling.
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Why do I take these, when I know what the answer's going to be before I even start?!

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.
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