Jan. 26th, 2004

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Well, after a looooooong call with Gateway tech-support, where we checked every process running on the computer and couldn't come up with a single one that should be making it act strangely, I ended up having to reformat the hard drive & reinstall the os.

That took a number of hours & three calls in total, as I got through each stage. We found out on the first part that even putting the reinstall disk in the DVD-RW drive made it freeze, so we really, really thought that was what was causing the problem. Figured that swapping it out & using the CD-RW drive would help, and that at least let me run the reinstall CD's.

Last night I started reloading other programs, and worked a little bit on a photoshop piece I'd had in progress (need to put the updated version on a disk...), and it did the same thing again. They had wanted me to test the DVD-RW drive to see if it was indeed a hardware problem there, but it definitely seems like it's something more integral to the computer itself.

Waaaaaaaaaah! I have to call them back today and let them know it's still acting strangely. I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to drop it off at the local Gateway store and have them poke at it. I'm not happy -- don't wanna be without my nice laptop for however long it's going to take to find out what's wrong and fix it. ::whimper::

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