Jan. 23rd, 2004

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...about Smallville's Clark Kent as he's being raised on the show...

Okay -- I've had serious issues with Jonathan Kent for a while now. Okay, since the first episode...

I have problems with his transferrence of anger from the targets who truly deserve it (Lionel and himself) onto Lex. I have SERIOUS problems with his hypocrisy and situational ethics (Lying is bad, Son -- unless it's to protect your secret. Stealing is bad -- but break into that facility and steal your DNA sample back. And while you're at it, bring your best friend to make him an accomplice). And I'm furious at him over his callous indifference to the horrors Lex suffered in Shattered/Asylum (well, at least he doesn't remember your secret).

Many, many SV viewers have been wondering how on earth the Clark Kent of this show can grow up to become the Superman we all know, with this man as his father-figure.

[livejournal.com profile] leviathanmuse and I were discussing this last night, and we've realized that unless Jonathan gains some abrupt enlightenment, this Clark can't. What we're witnessing could very well be the adolescence of the man who's going to grow up to be the Superman of the Justice Lords, from the 'A Better World' episode of Justice League...
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My Gateway laptop is acting strangely -- trying to get things backed up on CD so that when I contact the service people and they suggest "Try this!" and it wipes out everything, I at least have it somewhere.

So, of course, the CD drive at work is being wonky, too. What I've been trying to do, since I can't trust the one on the laptop, is save the CD as a 'direct CD' writable one, then bring it to work to finalize it. Of course, that's still only working with about half of them. ::sigh:: At least most of the art is safe -- I think.

Yikes. I wonder how long I'll be on the phone with the service guys. Hopefully it's a software thing I can fix with them walking me through it. All of the diagnostics I've run (Norton Utilities, PC Doctor, etc.) say there are no hardware problems...


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